Frequently Asked Questions(Q&A) Frequently Asked Questions(Q&A)

Frequently asked questions about the ROIHI SERIES(Q&A) Frequently asked questions about the ROIHI SERIES(Q&A)



1. Questions related to length of effectiveness

QApprox. how many do the effects of ROIHI-TSUBOKO last?
A You should change patches/plasters approx. every 5 to 6 hours.
*Differs from person to person depending in the area where the patch/plaster is applied, the season, and the age of the person.

2. Questions related to the difference between hot-type and cold-type plasters

QPlease explain the difference between how to use the hot-type plasters and the cold-type plasters?
AROIHI-TSUBOKO is a hot-type plaster, and ROIHI-TSUBOKO COOL is a cold-type plaster. There are no especial differences in usage. Please use the type that feels most comfortable and enjoyable on your skin.

3. Questions related to products

QWhat kind of product is ROIHI-TSUBOKO?
A Please see the ROIHI-TSUBOKO page.


1. Questions related to cautions for usage

QFrom what age can the product be used?
AThe products can be used from age 15 upwards. Please do not use on children aged younger than 15 years.
QCan the product be used during breastfeeding?
AIt is fine to use the product during breastfeeding, but it is recommended that mothers DO NOT use the product during pregnancy.
QCan people with asthma use the product?
AAsthmatics should NOT use the product as doing so may worsen their asthma.

2. Questions related to usage

QHow many times per day can the product be used?
AEffects can be achieved by applying the product to the affected area once a day, but if the effects seem weak, you can apply the product a MAXIMUM of 2 times per day.
Change (reapply) the product approx. every 12 hours.

3. Questions regarding products

QQ: Does the product have a strong smell?
AA: ROIHI-FELBION is an odorless type, and so the smell is not bothersome. ROIHI-ON SHIPPU FELBINAC is preparation with reduced odor.
QPlease explain the difference in usage between compresses and tape patches.
AGenerally speaking, it is a matter of the customer’s preference, but tape patches are more appropriate for use on moveable areas, such as joints, as they have excellent adhesion. Furthermore, tape patches contain no moisture, and so they are suitable for people who do not like the cold tingling sensation of compresses when they are applied.
QWhat is the difference in usage between ROIHI-FELBION/ROIHI-ON SHIPPU FELBINAC and ROIHI-TSUBOKO?
AWe recommend either ROIHI-FELBION or ROIHI-ON SHIPPU FELBINAC for people who

●find ROIHI-TSUBOKO a little too hot
●are bothered by the smell of ROIHI-TSUBOKO
●wish to apply one patch to a broad area such as the lower back.
QQ: How should I use heating preparations and cooling preparations?
A Please use the type that feels comfortable and pleasant on your skin when applied.
You can also use the two preparation types separately as follows:
[Relieve pain, reduce inflammation] (early stage of treatment) → cooling preparation
[Improve circulation, accelerate recovery] (later stage of treatment) → heating preparation

ROIHI-TSUBOKO Cool type / Heat type

ROIHI (contains felbinac)